Uniform For Boys

  • Summer
    • Shirt: Beige
    • Trousers: Brown
    • Socks: Beige
    • Shoes: Black
  • Winter
    • Jersey : Brown (Sleeveless/with sleeves)
    • Blazer : Dark Brown

    Uniform For Girls

  • Summer
    • A-Line Shirt: Beige (with brown collar and an OFF monogram (standardized) embroidered -on the front pocket attached on the right at the lower front.)
    • Shalwar: Brown
    • Dupatta: Beige (with a dark brown ribbon attached on all four sides.)
    • Socks: Beige
    • Shoes: Brown (Plain with a buckle)
  • Winter
    • Jersey: Brown (Sleeveless/with sleeves)
    • Blazer: Brown

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